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End Mills

Variable Flute High Performance
Chamfering Tools

Variable 3 Flute for Aluminum (VFA)

Designed for all grades of Aluminum, Plastics, Brass & Copper

Variable 4 Flute for Tool Steel (VFTS)
Has honed edge strictly for tool steels 4140, 4350, A2, D2 etc.

Variable 5 Flute for Mild & Stainless Steels (VFSS)
Designed for steel (cold rolled & hot rolled) and stainless steels (all grades).

Spot Drills

Corner Rounding End Mill



Back Chamfer End Mill


Center Drills (COMB)

Specialty Endmills Standard Endmills

Hard Mill End Mill

High Feed End Mill


45 & 60 Degree Helix End Mill

Pre-Ream End Mills

Corner Radius End Mill

Stub End Mill

Standard End Mill

Ballnose End Mill

Double-End End Mill

Long End Mill

Metric End Mill

6 Flute Finisher