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What are Thread Mills?

Posted by: Admin | Date: 17-06-2015

Solid Carbide Thread mills have become the ideal choice when it comes to producing threads on a VMC (Vertical Machining Center) or CNC mill. Thread mills are made from solid carbide and have several advantages over taps. 

A tap is completely engulfed by the material which builds up resistance and can cause breakage.

A broken tap often "scraps" the expensive part being worked on.

The diameter of a threadmill is smaller than the finished thread size

that is being cut. The solid carbide thread mill rapidly circular interpolates the desired thread with a much smaller point of cutting contact, resulting in much less cutting resistance. Because of the smaller cutting diameter, if a threadmill eventually wears out and breaks prior to being detected, the tool just falls into the hole leaving no damage to the thread or the expensive part you are working on.

When working on fast stage or high-dollar components, thread milling is the number one choice.


There are two styles of thread mills - Multi-Form and Single Profile