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"Your cutting tools are phenomenal! From the Aluminum variable pitch to the 4 flute roughing endmills,
I have never experienced such a finely tuned, well thought out, superior workmanship anywhere!
(and at such a reasonable price!) On the Aluminum variable pitch endmills, you are right on the mark with
geometry, surface finish, coating, and right down to the latest R.003 end prep. You definitely have a passion
for doing things right, and cant believe the performance of your cutters. You guys keep up the great work!"
(Arizona Manufacturer)

"I finally had a chance to use your 1/2" variable flute rougher (170RF12HD), and it blew me away. I was lucky to push the roughing mills in our shop at 70 SFM/1 IPM and get something resembling a part. Right away I was able to push your carbide cutter at 250 SFM/18 IPM in steel, quietly. My boss even walked over, asked how I was roughing that fast, and how I wasn't burning the tool up without coolant. Made my day."
(Machinist in MI)

 "I can't believe your prices, we will be buying all our tooling from you."
(Illinois Manufacturer)

"Great thread mills. This is the way to go."
(North Carolina Manufacturer)

 "Quality end mills, and half the price of what I was using before."
(Florida Manufacturer)

"These end mills cut like butter, I will buy all my end mills here."
(Utah Manufacturer)

"These tools are great, and top notch service too"
(Wisconsin Manufacturer)

"These varible flute end mills are going to put you out of business.......they never wear out!"
(California Manufacturer)

"Great end mills! My little 1.5 horsepower Tormach CNC mill can now run up to 1/4 dia. end mills at the full recommended chip load.
You tools left Maritool cutters in the dust (I did a bunch of test cuts at every axial and radial depth possible,  the difference in vibration is amazing)! "
(California Manufacturer)

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