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Lakeshore Carbide is proud to be the tooling choice of John Saunders of NYC CNC

The guys from Lakeshore had a great time at the 2016 John Saunders NYC CNC Open House in Ohio on 04/30/16

Here are the Lakeshore Carbide tools that were featured there at the show.

The NYC-CNC Tool Pack
An assortment of John Saunders
favorite Lakeshore tools

High Performance Engraving Bits
Lakeshore's unique design will last
longer. Even in stainless & titanium

The WarMill
Extended Reach Variable Flute Rougher
Inspired by James Dressman at WarMachine

The John Grimsmo Rad Tool
Convex 1.0 Radius Knife Making Tool
Inspired and Designed by John Grimsmo